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Upcoming Events

Israel Trip The Virginia Fellowship is planning a trip to Israel from 22 April to 3 May in 2017. An email was sent to all persons that have provided us their email outlining the details of the trip, associated costs, and dates in order to idenfity interests.

The number of participants is limited and reservations are encouraged as soon as possible. We will be givining you additional information regarding travel and medical insurance, cell phone availability, wireless internet availability, as well as other information. Inquiries can be made at Odyssey Travel, 320 Northern Blvd., Chincilla, PA - 579-587-2244, or Barry from Odyssey - 570-650-0874, cell, or Lindy Warrick from the Virginia Fellowship, at 757-719-8104, cell, or email:

Retreats - We will be planning a one day retreat for this fall and again in the spring of 2017. More details will be provided when we resume our time together in September.

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