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Virginia Fellowship

The Virginia Fellowship was established in February of 2014. After much study and prayer we decided it best to align ourselves with The Fellowship Foundation, also known as The International Foundation who could provide a broad base of support and an outreach portal for our ministry.  The Virginia Fellowship is a subsidiary of the Fellowship Foundation, a 501 (3)(c)  organization domiciled in Washington DC. In the first quarter of 2014, the ministry developed their vision and mission statements; we created a specific set of goals and objectives for the ministry. All the monies collected or donated to the ministry are returned 100% to the local ministry . There are no administrative costs or fees charged by The Fellowship Foundation to provide the services to our ministry. At the local level, the ministry consists of Bill & Lindy and a small core group of individuals who provide support and council. We also have set of mentors and leaders at the Fellowship Foundation level to provide guidance and oversight.

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