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April/May 2017 – Israel Trip

26 persons from the Fellowship travel to Israel during the last week of April & first week of May to visit the Holy Land. Our tour guides were exceptional and daily bible study was given by Bill & Lindy. This was our first trip and was enjoyed by all in attendance.

Wailing Wall
Town of Jesus
The Listeners
15 Old City
14 Garden at Tomb-2
13 Garden at Tomb
12 Bethesda Pools
10 Lords Prayer Site
11 Olivet Discourse_Temple Mount
09 Jordon River-4
08 Jordon River-3
06 Jordon River
07 Jordon River-2
05 Sea of Galilee
02 Bill Teaching #2
01 Bill Teaching
03 Capernum
04 Capernum_Nazereth Church
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